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How improved its customers’ shopping experience with HiPay Ltd is an insurance brokerage and consultancy firm, specializing in the field of professional civil liability and, in particular, in the online sale of this product. The company was established in 2013 following Presidential decree 137/2012, which made it compulsory to take out an insurance policy “for damage arising from the exercise of professional activity”. As of today, the company has an active portfolio of 8,500,000 customers.

Challenge was looking for a partner offering greater speed, ease of integration and flexibility, not forgetting the important issue of payment security. For this, it turned to HiPay, which, by combining these elements, is able to enhance the customer experience and overall satisfaction during the purchasing process.

It was easy to integrate HiPay into our management system with lower implementation costs. We needed a fast and efficient payment system that processes a large number of B2C and B2B transactions in real time and with high security standards. HiPay not only enabled us to achieve this goal, but also broadened the range of payment methods available to our customers by simplifying our procedures.” - Francesco Blasi, Sales Director,


    A winning partnership, above all for the attention paid to the partner and their customers, thanks to the support and guidance of the technical and sales teams, always available and ready to provide advice and assistance, and to the multiple payment methods offered.

    “HiPay guarantees a wide range of payment options, including credit cards, bank transfers, digital wallets and other online payment methods. This means that our customers can choose the payment method that best suits their needs, to their complete satisfaction. In addition, the HiPay team provides us with highly efficient and timely dedicated support, enabling us to quickly resolve any issues that may arise during processing. This attention contributes to efficient collaboration between our entities.” - Maurizio Gnazzo, CEO and founder of

      Future Projects aims to develop a solid, stable business model over time, based on strong dynamism and a particular focus on maintaining and improving relationships with the network of collaborators and companies.

      As for our future plans, we intend to continue enhancing our customers’ experience by offering increasingly personalized and convenient insurance services, relying on the collaboration of reliable partners such as HiPay.” - Rocco Verrastro, CTO and founder of