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Boost your conversion rate

Take your business to the next level with a customized, augmented payment experience.

Customize your payment page

A successful checkout requires a payment page that truly reflects your brand identity for a unified customer experience.

Build customer loyalty

A honed purchasing journey is a great way to engage your customers and increase their average shopping cart and repurchase rate over time.

Offer a wide selection of payment methods

Satisfied customers lead to lower cart abandonment rate at checkout. Split payments optimize conversion rates by 20-30%!

Provide an adaptive shopping experience

With HiPay, your payment page will meet the needs of your customers, on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Benefit from premium support

Our expert teams are here to help you analyze your transactions and boost your performance daily.

Streamline the payment process

Thanks to our anti-fraud tool, optimize the use of strong authentication to apply to high-risk transactions only.

Augmented payments for performance optimization

At HiPay, we offer much more than just an online payment solution. Our teams of experts work hand in hand with you to revolutionize your payments and boost your sales. 

If you are striving to attract new customers, do not lose them at checkout! 

Optimize every step of their purchasing journey for successful payments.

  • Unified commerce strategy

  • International outreach

  • Shopping cart recovery

  • Fraud control

  • Financial reconciliation

  • Customer knowledge

  • Cross-device payment

Reduce your abandonment rate with HiPay

Our comprehensive offering provides you with all the solutions you need to optimize your growth.

Frictionless payments

For low-risk transactions, opt for a less restrictive authentication for a quicker and simpler purchasing journey.

Payment page customization

A successful user experience requires a payment page that meets the needs of your customers and truly reflects your brand identity.

Diversity of payment methods

Alternative payment methods enable you to cover all your customers’ demands on the international market.

Successful purchasing experiences

To revolutionize your payments, we combine the knowledge of our experts with the power of our adaptive technologies. 

Providing multiple purchasing journeys offers your customers greater flexibility, regardless of their location, needs, or payment method.


Fully customize your payment page, including your brand identity, logo, background image, and payment methods display.


Adapt your purchasing experience to smartphone and tablet users with a responsive interface that fits small screens or mobile apps.

Remote payments

Generate payment links via your management interface to enable your customers to pay by phone or email.

POS terminals

With smart Android payment terminals, your customers can easily pay in all your points of sale: in store, on tablets or touch-screen kiosks.

Take strategic, data-driven decisions

Thoroughly analyze your payment data and assess the efficiency of your purchasing journeys to continuously improve them.

  • Customer behavior: success rate for every step and RFM segmentation

  • Transaction lifecycle: stumbling blocks, reasons for failure

  • Individual success rates: by country, by payment method, by sales brackets, etc.

Your project, our priority

At HiPay, we take time to build relationships with our customers, to help guide you through your payment transition and take your payment strategy to the next level. 

This means helping you keep a handle on your payment activities with:

  • Dedicated resources for individual guidance

  • Personalized workshops at each key step of our collaboration

  • Quarterly meetings to analyze your KPIs and boost payment performance

  • A Support Center available 24/7 for incidents or technical problems

Frequently asked questions

How can your anti-fraud tool help me increase my conversion rate?

With our Sentinel anti-fraud tool, each transaction is evaluated in real time. In the context of PSD2, the score is used to optimize the level of authentication required by the issuer. Using this tool, there is an intelligent scoring issued on the transaction, requests for exemptions or control of non-payments that can influence your conversion rate.

How does my page integration method affect my conversion rate?

There are several integration methods: fields integrated directly into your page will allow a seamless path for your customer and increase the conversion rate. No redirection of the customer to an external page: the customer stays on your merchant page, simplified formatting and data entry, no payment data is stored, processed, or transmitted to a third party during payment, ensuring PCI-DSS compliance.