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How Ankama manages payments from over 100 countries

"All our mobile and electronic banking transactions with a single provider."


Ankama was looking for a solution capable of keeping up with the development of its business in France and internationally. The virtual goods and derivatives sold on the group's online shops represented a challenge on several levels:

  • multi-country management
  • multi-currency management
  • and multi-screen management


All of this underlined the need to effectively combat fraud.

To maximise its chances of conversion, Ankama had to offer the most suitable payment methods on each of these markets (flows from 100 countries in 80 different currencies).

Simplifying financial reconciliation was also a major challenge for the online game publisher.


    To help this leading player in the video and online gaming industry, HiPay has proposed several adapted solutions:

    • A One-Stop-Shop solution in line with international trade issues in order to centralise the management of its payments with a single player.


    • Support for Ankama in the customisation of its interface and monitoring of their activity in 100 countries via their own KPIs.


    • Implemented an anti-fraud module to counter the maximum number of attacks worldwide with a detailed report that allows them to refine their filters and thus reduce fraud attempts without blocking real orders.