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Behind every transaction, there’s a growth opportunity

Payments is at the core of your growth strategy. With us you can foster growth, drive sales, and boost your business.


Payments, the core of your growth strategy

Seize new opportunities with HiPay! Our complete payment solutions suits to all your needs based on three key criteria:


As your business evolves and the risk of fraud increases, HiPay protects you and your customers in all circumstances.


Compatible with the most popular solutions on the market, our offering is quickly and easily integrated into your ecosystem.


Designed with your growth in mind, our scalable solutions combine performance and innovation.

The key to success

Ever since the early days of e-commerce, payment solutions have made transactions smoother, faster and more secure. 

Now, with today’s ever-evolving market, payment has become a key performance factor. 

Our solutions find innovative ways for your business to evolve and attract new customers. Take advantage of pivotal data to improve user experience, monitor your activity, boost sales and drive growth. Either:


  • Online
  • In store
  • Or both!

    A solution for every payment

    Develop a tailored, user-friendly experience for your customers to stimulate growth.

    • One platform for point-of-sale, store-to-web and web-to-store payments.

    • Innovative strategies and tools to make your customers the driving force of your business.

    • A powerful, centralized management interface for real-time monitoring, unified financial management and simplified performance analyses.

    Cutting-edge technology to meet your needs

    Our scalable solutions are designed to adapt to your reality.

    Human at the service of performance

    Because efficient technology without the human factor is just technology.