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Manage your augmented payments with ease

A powerful management interface to quickly explore data and analyze your business in detail.


Customize your dashboard

Use HiPay Console, our management tool, to focus on the information most relevant to you and closely monitor your activity.

Centralize your payment data

Gather all your financial operations in one management interface, for all types of sales channel: online, in-store, MoTo, etc. 

Access your data anywhere

Our multilingual interface works with any device - computer, tablet or mobile phone.

View your data at a glance

Monitor data in real time through graphs, key performance indicators and rankings. 

Take advantage of a bundle of features

Capture, refund, cancel, export - Perform all actions in just a few clicks.

Initiate payments from HiPay Console

Use our E-Terminal module to make remote payments with zero development time and integration.

A single tool for all your payments

Extensive customization

The interface available through HiPay Console can be fully customized per different working environment and requirements. 

It also saves your actions to help you save time when signing in.

Intelligent browsing

Access your data in no time with the new advanced search and filtering feature. 

Shortcuts are also available to easily browse between modules.

Cutting-edge features

Manage invoices, customize your payment page, refund a customer or generate a payment link over the phone, directly through HiPay Console.

A powerful, all-in-one management interface

Real-time monitoring

View transactions and track your KPIs in just a few clicks.

Unified financial management

Benefit from automated financial reconciliation and get detailed account balances for each sales channel or store for better monitoring. Eliminate up to 80% of your accounting teams' work with our simplified financial reconciliation system.

Simplified performance analysis

Keep a close eye on your data through rankings, periodic comparisons, or customized exports and favorites. 

Enhance payment method selection

Giving your customers the possibility to use their preferred currencies and payment methods will ultimately boost conversion. Wherever they are, offer them a wide variety with HiPay.  

And that’s not all.

With our management interface, you can closely monitor payment methods to customize your payment pages and continue to improve user experience

  • 50+ payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Amex

  • Payment methods ranking by criteria

  • Payment page customization

Take your omnichannel strategy to the next level

At HiPay, we don't just process payments, we make them infinitely more efficient by putting your customers at the heart of your business through an enhanced payment experience.

  • Unify your online and in-store payments. 
  • Augment purchasing experience. 
  • Centralize all your payment data.

Online refund

E-commerce purchase


Online payments

One-hour Click-and-Collect



Omnichannel payments

In-store payment (by credit / debit card, in cash, etc.)

Queue boosting


In-store payments

In-store payments

In-store payment (by credit / debit card, in cash, etc.)

Queue boosting


Online payments

Online refund

E-commerce purchase


Omnichannel payments

One-hour Click-and-Collect



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Frequently Asked Questions

To what extent can the dashboard be customized?

The dashboard is unique to each user. A KPI store is available to select the most important indicators according to needs and user profiles. Filters (accounts and periods) are also available and can be saved for all your future connections.

Is it possible to have a simple tool for smaller business organizations?

A default dashboard is available as well as an onboarding guide. The level of customization is entirely up to you, as are the choice of modules.

Is the navigation very complex considering the number of features?

The dashboard widgets offer shortcuts between modules to directly access the desired information. Favorites are also customizable to save time when you next log in.